7 Questions That Concern the Business Tax Return on Maui

April 10, 2018

All company owners need to file their business tax return on Maui. And the faster the due dates are approaching, the more questions usually arise.

Do all small businesses need to file a return? Can entrepreneurs file a business tax return on Maui on their own or does everyone need a CPA to handle the task?

If you’re wondering what are the most common business tax filing questions that business owners on Maui usually ask, take a look at the short list below.

Business Tax Return Maui


1. Is filing a business tax return on Maui mandatory?

Everyone who earns an income on Maui has to file a tax return. As a company owner, filing a business tax return on Maui is required by the law, even if your business is new and even if your business had suffered losses, instead of earning a profit.

2. What are the correct forms to use when filing business taxes on Maui?

Every type of business is required to use different kinds of forms. Consulting with a CPA in regards to the right form you’d have to prepare and file should help you make the correct decision and file a business tax return on Maui, hassle free.

3. Do you need a CPA to prepare your business tax return or can you use a software instead?

Many business owners today rely on tax software in order to file a return. However, although not mandatory, working with a qualified CPA comes highly recommended. There are a myriad reasons why you should hire a CPA, even if it’s not always a legal requirement.

4. What financial records and information are necessary in order to file an error free return?

Depending on the type of business you own, you’ll need to report your income, profit and losses, as well as purchases of equipment or assets. In order to file error free returns and facilitate the accounting process, it’s highly recommended you work with a skilled bookkeeper who can make sure your financial records are kept safe and filed correctly.

5. What kind f expenses can you deduct when filing a business tax return on Maui?

Almost all business expenses are deductible, although in some cases some limits may apply. In order to maximize your deductions and avoid leaving money on the table, you should consult with a business tax preparer to make sure you can keep more of your profit in your pockets.

6. What happens if you can’t afford to pay your taxes when they are due?

Business owners who aren’t able to pay their business taxes by the due date will be charged interest fees. In order to avoid paying penalties, you should always make sure you prepare for the tax season ahead of time.

7. Do you have to file a business tax return on Maui if you did’t have any profit?

Even if you have no profit or suffer business losses, you still need to prepare a business tax return on Maui. The government expects all business owners to file a report, regardless of how their business is evolving.