Questions To Ask a Certified Tax Preparer in Maui

January 26, 2018

Are you looking to find a certified tax preparer in Maui?

Before you go ahead and hire someone right off the bat, consider digging into few details first.

There are many factors that come into consideration when hiring a certified tax preparer in Maui. But just like you would research any other type of service, consider doing the same with your future CPA as well.

Tax preparation services are a serious matter. If you want to hire the best certified tax preparer in Maui, take the time to ask them a few questions first.

If the professional you’re about hire represents a CPA business, research the name and look for online reviews and recommendations as well.

When you book your first appointment with the person who’s going to represent you and your company, here are 7 essential questions you should be prepared to ask before doing business together.

Certified Tax Preparer Maui

1. Does your certified tax preparer in Maui have a license?

Every tax preparer in Maui should have a Preparer Tax Identification Number. If the person you are interviewing doesn’t have PTIN, you should move on and search for someone else. Without a valid PTIN, you are not allowed by law to prepare any tax returns for clients.

2. How much experience does your tax preparer have?

As mentioned before, taxes are a serious matter. So before you hire a certified tax preparer in Maui, make sure they have the necessary experience to handle the task.

3. Can your Maui tax professional handle the task if you’re not physically there?

Often times, business owners work remote. Whether you own a small business and freelance or if you’re simply located in another state, you need to make sure you accountant can handle your tax preparation services, regardless of where you’re located at the moment.

4. Has your CPA ever worked with your type of business in the past?

Businesses aren’t all the same. Different types of businesses require different bookkeeping tactics and forms or even schedules. Before you hire a certified tax preparer in Maui, make sure they can handle your specific type of business.

5. What is the cost of tax preparing services in Maui?

After you discuss the details mentioned above, don’t forget to ask your accountant about their price. Certified public accountants charge fees according to the type of accounting services you need. Depending on the type of return you require, ask how much the specific service will cost.

6. Will your certified tax preparer in Maui represent your in front of the IRS?

Dealing with the IRS is never fun. So before you begin doing business with your certified public accountant in Maui, ask about government representation. Just in case the authorities decide to call you in for an audit, make sure you have a reliable professional to represent you.

7. Is your accountant going to prepare and sign your tax return?

Last but not least, make sure your preparer will sign your return. Unless the CPA you’re about to hire is the same one who will handle your tax returns, maybe you should look for someone else who can handle the job.

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