Top Reasons to Switch CPA Firms on Maui

August 20, 2018

Have you ever thought about looking for better CPA firms on Maui and making the switch?

All business owners today need to think about the future of their business. But not all CPA firms on Maui can offer a 5 star service and help your company succeed.

When you work hard to improve the future of your business, you deserve to hire the best professionals on the island. Here are 5 good reasons why you should think about switching to a different accountant or look for better CPA firms in Maui.

Maui CPA Companies

Switch CPA firms on Maui if the people you work with increase their fees depending on your profits

Did you think it’s OK to suddenly pay more in fees if your business makes more profit? Your financial success is not a valid reason for CPA firms in Maui to increase their rates.

Choose to work with different professionals if the CPA you hired is not helping you save more in taxes

Do you believe you could save even more in taxes? If your accountant can’t offer any helpful advice on the matter, it may be time to look for a different professional.

Hiring someone to prepare your tax return is definitely necessary. Skilled CPAs should advise you on how to handle your expenses and savings or how to take advantage of tax favored retirement plans. But if their service is limited to filing your return and sending you the bill, you should consider switching to a different CPA firm in Maui.

Consider working with another company if the one you work with now cannot explain things in a way you understand

Communication with your CPA is important. Understanding how the tax system works can’t be easy if you’re not used to the jargon of the industry.

Working with someone who can guide you through the complexities of public accounting is crucial. Make sure you hire the right professional for the job or switch to a different CPA firm if you feel communication is a problem.

Switch to a different firm immediately if you feel they don’t treat you like an important client

Hiring a full service accounting firm on Maui definitely means you’re not their only client. But that is no excuse to accept to be treated will less respect than you deserve.

At James & Associates, every single one of our clients is important. We understand the need to maintain a close and professional relationship with each customer. From businesses, to individuals and non profit organisations, we have the knowledge and expertise to help everyone make well informed financial decisions.

Consider searching for CPA firms on Maui that offer a wider range of services

Does your CPA firm only offer tax preparation services for their clients? What about IRS and State representation? Or audit and assurance services?

When you hire a team of professionals to assist you with your business, make sure you narrow down your search to only best CPA firms on Maui! Working with a firm that offers a full range of services is recommended.