3 Reasons Not to Follow Online Tax Advice To a Tee

November 2, 2018

Would you rather follow random online tax advice or hire a professional to assist with your return?

Many business owners in Maui today are reluctant to seek the help of a bookkeeper, accountant or CPA and prefer to follow online tax advice. While reading well written articles that spread the word on how to do your taxes can be beneficial, it’s always best to hire an experienced professional when the tax season approaches.

The more you learn about the tax season, deductions and the IRS, the better. However, reading random online tax advice may confuse you or determine you to do the wrong thing when it’s your turn to file a return.

When it comes to online tax advice in Maui, here are 3 good reasons not to rely on random information to a tee and hire a tax professional instead.

Internet Tax Advice

1. The online tax advice you read may be outdated

What if the online tax advice you read is out of date?

The tax laws and regulations often change. While the articles you read online regarding the best practices to file a return may be written by someone with experience, there’s a chance the information is outdated.

There are many reasons why an article may show old, outdated information. Either the website owner forgot to write an update or the webmaster simply chose not to refresh the older articles but write a few new ones instead. Either way, stumbling upon an older tax related article may put your next tax return at risk.

Don’t allow that to happen and hire a professional tax preparer in Maui instead.

2. The tax advice you read online may be wrong

Reading and relying on the wrong online tax advice is not OK.

Anyone can create a website nowadays and anyone can write about taxes. However, not everyone is qualified to offer the best information regarding filing a return.

When you read random articles on the internet, there’s a big chance the person who wrote them is not a bookkeeper, accountant or a CPA. In this case, there’s a chance the information you read is wrong and filing a return based on reading the wrong advice can lead to unpleasant situations.

Making a mistake on your return or claiming the wrong deductions for your business can put your at risk of being called in for an audit. Avoid getting in trouble with the IRS and consult a tax professional right away.

3. There’s a chance the tax information you read is incomplete

The random online tax advice you read may be up to date and 100% accurate. But what if the advice is incomplete?

An experienced tax professional can offer the best advice when it comes to filing your return. A random article you read online, on the other hand, may determine you to miss out on certain deductions you could have otherwise claimed for yourself or for your business.

Reading about how to file a tax return on Maui can help. However, hiring a tax professional for you as an individual or for your business is the best way to make sure you understand the implications of your actions and you don’t overpay taxes by overlooking certain deductions.